Compressor oil separator for Zambia client


Screw air compressors are one of the most widely used equipment in industrial production. The oil separator in the screw air compressor is an important spare part. Its biggest function is to separate the oil and compressed air in the screw air compressor, so that the oil content of the outlet gas is greatly reduced, and the separated oil can be recirculated in the body until the maintenance period of the oil.

The performance of the oil separator will directly affect the oil content in the compressed air, so it should be replaced after a period of use. The quality of the oil separator has an important influence on the air quality of the air compressor.

The oil separator is consumables, If it is not replaced timely, it will have an impact on the exhaust of the oil separator and even the entire screw air compressor, which may lead to insufficient oil return to the body, failing to achieve a good cooling effect, making the temperature of the air compressor too high, or It is the final damage of the oil separator, which causes the oil with metal particles and impurities to enter the main engine, causing serious damage to the main engine, which will affect the service life of your screw air compressors.

Mr Dennis is one of our clients in Zambia, he runs a trading company specializing in compressor spare parts. Almost every month he orders a batch of parts from our company to supply his clients in various industries like mining, pharmacy, steel plant, construction, etc. last month he ordered 20 pcs of oil filter with part No. 1092081800, It is our advantage product. We used to supply this oil separator to our other clients. we finished production in the shortest time of one week.


After received the goods, our client send them to the user for test. According to the feedback, it proved the oil separator function well, meeting the requirements of the compressor system. Our client agreed to order more filters later on. We treat our clients sincerely and hope to provide the most support for them, making their business more profitable.

AIDA filter has focused in filtration products since 1998, with ISO9001 certificate. our factory cover area of 52000 sqm, and have R&D team of 40 staff, with skilled workers which can guarantee quality. Over the past years, we have provided oil filters, filter cartridges and compressor parts to many customers around the world. We welcome you to inquire. I believe we can provide you the most support and have a win-win cooperation.