Oil filter element classification and scope of application


According to the installation position in the hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil filter element is divided into the oil filter element of the suction line, the oil filter element of the pressure line and the oil filter element of the return line.

Oil suction line hydraulic oil filter element: oil suction line (oil tank - hydraulic pump inlet) or directly installing oil suction filter element in the oil tank is a necessary measure to protect the hydraulic pump. It is determined that the flow resistance is too large to cause cavitation in the hydraulic pump.

Pressure line hydraulic oil filter element: The pressure line oil filter element is not only to protect its downstream components, but also as the main oil filter to ensure the pollution degree of the oil in the system. It also plays a good role in the hydraulic pump through its efficient purification of the oil. The filtration precision is 5-10μm, the pressure of the filter is large, and the vibration is also very beneficial. The allowable pressure difference of the oil filter element in the pressure pipeline ranges from 0.3 to 0.7MPa according to different pressure levels. As a pressure line oil filter for ground equipment, the cost and installation space are considered comprehensively.

Oil return line hydraulic oil filter element: All kinds of dirt such as abrasive particles generated by various components in the working process can be intercepted by setting the oil return line oil filter to avoid returning to the oil tank and being sucked by the hydraulic pump again. Oil return line The allowable pressure difference of the road oil filter, according to different pressure levels, ranges from 0.3 to 0.5MPa. The accuracy is determined according to the requirements of the oil contamination degree. There are more factors to be considered in the setting of the oil filter in the return line. One of the important factors is the hydraulic shock, especially when there are hydraulic cylinders and proportional valves upstream, the reversing of the hydraulic cylinders and the sudden change of the proportional valve under high pressure. Power failure will produce a large instantaneous flow impact, which will cause great damage to the filter element of the oil filter. When designing and selecting the oil filter for the return line, you must have a full understanding and strengthen it in structure. Mainly suitable for petrochemical, oil field pipeline filtration; fuel oil filtration of fueling equipment, construction machinery and equipment; equipment filtration of water treatment industry; pharmaceutical and food processing fields


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