Air compressors in the textile industry


In the textile industry, air-jet looms used for weaving fabrics require dry, oil-free compressed air. During the production run of an air-jet loom, fine nozzles blow compressed air onto the yarn bundle, creating a vortex that imparts shape, elasticity, and elasticity to the yarn.

First, the moisture content of the compressed air used to draw the weft of the jet loom cannot be too high, otherwise the moisture will precipitate in the compressed air pipeline, condensing into water droplets, so that the wall of the pipe is covered with dust, increasing the pressure loss along the pipeline, and produce water droplets at the nozzle, affecting the quality of spraying, causing corrosion of the reed, nozzle loom parts, so the pressure dew point of compressed air should be set below 4 ℃.


Second, the oil particles in the compressed air will contaminate the fabric, produce defective products, and will adhere to the nozzle outlet, affecting the nozzle jet force and jet airflow trajectory, reducing the effect of weft insertion, and worsening the weft insertion. The adhesion of oil particles on the reed will increase the number of defective products, and the dispersion of oil particles in the air of the production workshop will pollute the environment and endanger the health of employees. Therefore, oil particles larger than 0.01 μm in diameter should be filtered out, and the maximum oil content should not exceed 0.1 mg/m3.

Third, due to the small meshing gap of the air compressor, dust and carbon powder in the air will accelerate the wear of the compressor and reduce the life of the screw. The impurities, dust and carbon powder above 1 μm should be removed. The maximum dust concentration in the air Should not exceed 1 mg/m3. Among the three main factors, the oil content of the air is very important to the selection of air compressors and the operating cost.

Of course, our basic criteria for choosing an air compressor are economy, reliability, safety and environmental protection. After understanding the basic requirements of the textile industry for air compressors, we can choose from the amount of gas, the occasion and conditions of gas use, the quality of compressed air, the safety of compressor operation, and environmental protection. There are many compressor brands, and some of them are very good, but considering all aspects, LVDA air compressor is an air compressor choice brand with relatively high cost performance while satisfying the customer's air quality.

Customer case

In 2023, an American customer sent an inquiry requesting a displacement of 21.5, a pressure of 4, and an export size of DN100. We provided a quotation for it. After negotiating the price, a cooperation was reached. After receiving the goods, the American customer gave it to our company. Highly appreciated.