Compressors Used in the Petrochemical Industry


The range of applications for air compressors is very wide, covering almost all industries, but the type of compressor chosen is different depending on the nature of the industry.

In the petrochemical industry, the requirements for compressors are very strict, and the requirements in terms of compressor gas characteristics are very high, as it is a large compressor manufacturing special gases, in the production and use process need to strictly follow the operating requirements to regulate the operation.


To the petrochemical industry in the use of compressors, mainly in the petrochemical industry for compressor gas transmission and output, and in the actual operation of the equipment to convey special gases used in the compressor, because of its high capacity, corrosion resistance, long service life, strict standardisation and other developments, the petrochemical industry on the compressor requirements are increasingly high.

Petroleum, chemical plant production on the compressor's special requirements are basically, can adapt to the needs of petrochemical use, improve production capacity. Strong corrosion resistance, stable operation, long-term operation in harsh environments without failure, stable operation. Environmental protection and low energy consumption, can do the wheel and axle without leakage, and in the daily maintenance process is relatively easy, superior to management.

The use of compressors in the petrochemical industry is more demanding and delicate than in other industries, so it is a good choice for you to choose a company with good quality, excellent performance and professional after-sales protection! Xinxiang Aida is one of the better brands of air compressors, with guaranteed quality and after-sales service. Its oil-free air compressors are available in a variety of models to meet the stringent requirements of customers.

Customer case

A customer from Ecuador ordered a screw compressor from our company, he said that due to the expensive price of big brands such as Atlas copco, they did not have that much budget, after providing us with the parameter table he needed, we quickly Respond and give a price that the customer can accept. After receiving the goods, the customer said that the quality is very good, and will order if necessary.