AOP-S series ultra-precision oil purifier
AOP-S series ultra-precision oil purifier

AOP-S series ultra-precision oil purifier

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Model Number: AOP-S1

Precision : 1、3、5、10、20、30、50、80 μm (customized)

Material : Specific cylinder paper made by imported raw materials; Casting aluminum alloy filter.

Application : Filling filtration of new oil; regular filtration of old oil; bypass filtration of hydraulic lubrication system.

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Product Details

AOP-S series ultra-precision oil purifier specializes in the high-precision purification and filtration treatment of unqualified lubricants and hydraulic oil, by removing particles, dust, carbon black and sludge.

Technical data:

Rated flow
 3 L/min
Rated pressure
1.6 Mpa
Fine filter precision
NAS1638 3-6 Grade
Pressure differential 
0.8 Mpa
Working temperature
5-80 ℃
Recommended viscosity
10-180 cSt
AC 380V(Three- phase), 50Hz
Motor power
0.2 kw
66 kg
380x500x680 mm


1.Multi-layer filter elements with a higher capacity for impurity removing and a larger filtering area, which could remove particles and dust from unqualified oil.

2.Specialized indicator, to give the warns to replace filter elements, which could make it easier for operator to exchange the components and parts.

3.Conversion device between oil pumping and filtering, convenient for a dual purpose of two functions.


1.To restore the physical&chemical performance of oil, so as to reach a great improvement on its quality and service life. 

2.To ensure the dutycycle operation of oil in the hydraulic system would be kept in a clean state which could reach NAS1638 6-9 grade. 

3.To prevent the equipment failures caused by oil pollution, so as to reduce abrasion of mechanical equipment and prolong its potential life span.

4.To achieve cost reduction by advancing production efficiency.

5.To protect the environment by cutting the releases of waste oil.


1.Ideal for the on-line and off-line filtration of hydraulic oil in a range of oil pressure machinery like injection molding machine, die-casting machine, excavator, forklift truck, etc.

2.Available for the high precision filtration of ethylene glycol. 

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