AOP-V series high solid content oil purifier
AOP-V series high solid content oil purifier
AOP-V series high solid content oil purifier

AOP-V series high solid content oil purifier

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Model Number: AOP-V32

Precision : 3-20 μm

Recommended viscosity : 10-160 cSt

Rated flow : 32-200 L/min

Medium : hydraulic oil, turbine oil, transformer oil, phosphate hydraulic oil

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Product Details

AOP-V series high solid content oil purifier is ideally suitable for the purification of materials with a large number of solid contaminants, especially for the clarification&filtration of edible oil and the regeneration of waste oil. 

Special material has been applied to the production of filter elements, which leads to filtering layers 10-15 times thicker than usual products, so that the machine could remove suspensions, particles and rust from the liquids with improvements in filtering efficiency.

Technical data:

Rated flow
32 L/min
Rated pressure
0.6 Mpa
Coarse filter precision
180, 120, 80 micron
Fine filter precision
3 micron
Pressure differential
0.2 Mpa
Recommended viscosity
10-160 cSt
AC 380V(Three-phase), 50Hz
Motor power
0.75 kw
220 kg
900x600x1080 mm


1.Excellent performance of depth filtration, given by the gradually divided filter apertures.

2.Scientific design and compact structure, which make the AOP-V series machine withstand quite high filtering pressure. 

3.Wonderful pollutant-holding capacity, given by the unique deep-mesh structure.

4.Onefold constituent parts, which bring stable chemical properties and excellent compatibility with the medium.

5.Working temperature could reach up to 200℃, which means the ability to filter almost any kind of corrosive medium.

6.Appropriative pump for heavy viscous oil, which is suitable for the filling and filtering of high-viscosity oil, with smooth delivery, low noise, fewer vibrations and a strong self-priming capability. 

7.Overflow protection device equipped, to ensure the safety of hydraulic system.

8.Thermal relay protection, to prevent the motor damage caused by overloading.

9.Protective oil pump installed in the inlet port of coarse filter, to prolong the life span of main filter.


1.Clarification, filtration and degassing of a range of lubricants, transformer oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, in the power generation industry, electrical appliance manufacturers, paper making industry, electro&chemical factory and industrial mining enterprises.

2.The filtration for high-solid content lubricants.

3.The regeneration and filtration of waste oil in a series of industries.

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