Oil Filter Element Filter Cartridge HP33DNL26-3MB
Oil Filter Element Filter Cartridge HP33DNL26-3MB

Oil Filter Element Filter Cartridge HP33DNL26-3MB

Replacement for Hypro filters

Model Number: HP33DNL26-3MB

Filter Style : Pressure Line

Package Dimensions : 25.63 x 3.56 x 3.56

Filter Media : Pleated Microglass

Seal Type : Viton

Collapse Pressure : 305

Operating Temp : -13 to 250

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Product Details

Making our replacement for Hy-Pro ( Hypro ) HP33DNL26-3MB a true value. The cost savings compared to expensive OEM brands just adds to the value. Microglass is known to have a longer life due to its lower clean differential pressure and higher dirt-holding capacity. Our filter media is backed by ISO16889 multi-pass and Dynamic Filter Efficiency (DFE) testing.

This filter element can be used for filtering hydraulic fluid, water glycols, diesel, machining fluids, lubricating oil, coolants, gasoline, process fluids, turbine and compressor lube oils, synthetic lubricants, and many more chemicals.

Quality assurance

ISO 2941------Collapse & Burst Resistant

ISO 2942------Fabrication & Integrity Test

ISO 2943------Material Compatibility with Fluids

ISO 3724------Flow Fatigue Characteristics

ISO 3968------Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate

ISO 16889------Multi-pass Performance Testing


Hydraulic Oil Filter Element is mainly used for the hydraulic system filtration of the rolling mill and continuous casting machine and for the filtration of lubrication equipments. It is also used for oil refining, product separation and recycling during chemical production, well water injection in oilfield and dust removal, particles filtration in natural gas.

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