Replacement for UE310AN20Z  pall hydraulic oil filter element(80*515)
Replacement for UE310AN20Z  pall hydraulic oil filter element(80*515)
Replacement for UE310AN20Z  pall hydraulic oil filter element(80*515)

Replacement for UE310AN20Z  pall hydraulic oil filter element(80*515)

Replacement for Pall filters

Model Number: UE310AN20Z 

OD Top: : 3.12

OD Bottom: : 3.125

ID: : 1.65

Length: : 20.59

Collapse Rating: : 150 psid

Product Details

Oil suction filter element

The oil suction filter element is installed on the suction pipeline of the pump to filter the residue in the oil tank and the dirt entering the oil tank through the air inlet. It protects the pump. In order to avoid cavitation of the oil pump, to ensure that the resistance of the filter element is small, generally use 100-200 mesh or finer metal wire woven mesh or notch metal wire material to wind the filter element, which does not play a role in controlling micro-particle pollution in the system

High-pressure pipeline filter element

The filter element of the high-pressure pipeline filter is installed on the pump outlet pipe to filter the dirt in the oil at the suction inlet, protect the system cleanliness, and maintain a constant pollution level of the system. Due to the high pressure pulsation and pressure impact, the strength of the filter element should meet the ISO3724 test requirements.

For hydraulic parts that are particularly sensitive to pollutants, such as slide valves, servo valves, etc., to avoid pollution, such high-precision filters and filter elements must be installed in the front of the system β The particle size should be small, the ratio should be greater than or equal to 75, and the selection of filter material should also be careful. In addition to meeting the seven safety standards, the filter element should be clean and free of fiber shedding.

Return oil filter element

The return oil filter element is set on the return oil pipeline of the system. Its function is to filter the newly generated or external invasion dirt in the system before returning to the tank. Therefore, it is the most effective place to control the pollution degree of the system. Although it is in low pressure pipeline, pulsation or pressure impact may also occur according to the operation condition of the transmission device, so the requirements for the filter element should also be in strict accordance with the seven standards.

Circulating filter element

The circulating filter element is set on the circulating circuit of the oil tank. It is often used in systems with strict cleaning requirements. Even if the system stops working, the system can be started to minimize the pollution of the system. Therefore, it is required to use the fine filter element with high filtration ratio. If the system is installed with a cooler, the system temperature can be reduced and the maintenance is also convenient.

Product features

1. Strength requirements, manufacturing integrity requirements, bearing differential pressure, bearing installation external force, and bearing differential pressure alternating load.

2. Requirements for smoothness of oil flow and flow resistance characteristics.

3. It can withstand certain high temperature and is compatible with the working medium.

4. The filter fiber shall not be displaced or shed.

5. It can carry more dirt.

6. Normal use in high altitude and cold areas.

7. Fatigue resistance, fatigue strength under alternating flow.

8. The cleanliness of the filter element itself should meet the standard.

Product parameters



Place  of Origin:

Henan,  China

Brand  Name:


Life  span:

2000-  4000h




100%  Tested

Filtration  efficiency:

99.99%  filtration area

OD  Top:


OD  Bottom:






End  Caps:


Center  Tube:



Glass  Fiber


Viton  (Fluorocarbon)

Collapse  Rating:

150  psid

Filtration  Rating:

Bx[c]  = 4000

Product application

1.Mainly used for steel mill , 

2.power plant ,

3.mine/resource depot , 

4.paper mill, 

5.paper making enterprise power hydraulic station system filtration, 



8.chemical industry, 


10.oil field, 

11.oil exploitation,

12.pharmaceutical factory aviation, 



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