(3V) 1629010110 In-Line Filter Element
(3V) 1629010110 In-Line Filter Element

(3V) 1629010110 In-Line Filter Element

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Model Number: (3V) 1629010110

Filter accuracy : 0.1μm

Filter efficiency : 99.99%

Filter material : Imported material

Service Life : 3500-5000h

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Product Details

(3V) 1629010110 Precision filter element is applied to remove oil, moisture, dust particles, prevent the compressed air line caustic sludge, with America fiber, at the same time with good permeability, high strength frame, reduce the resistance caused by pipeline, high efficiency, good permeability and air tightness, resistant to corrosion.


The filter element adopts American strong hydrophobic and oil repellent fiber filtermaterial, and also uses good permeability Simultaneously high strength skeleton reduces resistance caused by passing through. 

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