(7C/D) 1629010305 Inline Filter Element
(7C/D) 1629010305 Inline Filter Element

(7C/D) 1629010305 Inline Filter Element

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Model Number: (7C/D) 1629010305

Filter accuracy : 0.1um

Filter efficiency : 99.99%

Service life : about 5600 hours

Filter material : USA HV fiberglass

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Product Details

Made of European high-quality filter material and stainless steel skeleton,the outermost layer of the (7C/D) 1629010305 precision filter element adopts a hydrophobic foam sleeve that is resistant to oil and acid and chemical corrosion. This prevents the coalescence liquid from re-entering the gas flow and ensures efficient removal of oil and water.

Features and Benefits

1. It is packaged with high-quality hollow fiber membrane filament materials, with high filling density and large water output;

2. Good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, and bacteria resistance.

3. High filtration accuracy, with a filtration aperture of 0.01 microns, which can ensure the safety of drinking water quality.

4. The product can realize automatic sewage discharge to ensure the stability of water quality and output.

5. The filter element does not need to be filled with protective liquid, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

6. Large dirt interception capacity, longer product life.

Product applications

1.Freeze dryer

2.adsorption type dryer

3.Pre filter of air compressor

4.Pre air filtration of cooler

5.Precision filtration of all kinds of compressed air

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