Replacement for 14SP383/42951681 air Filter
Replacement for 14SP383/42951681 air Filter
Replacement for 14SP383/42951681 air Filter
Replacement for 14SP383/42951681 air Filter

Replacement for 14SP383/42951681 air Filter

Replacement for USA Filter

Model Number: 14SP383/42951681

D1 (mm) : 592.0 mm

D2 (mm) : 592.0 mm

H1 (mm) : 292.0 mm

H2 (mm) : 25.0 mm

Life span: : 2000- 4000h

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Product Details

The air filter functions as follows.

① The intake air is effectively filtered and purified without significantly interfering with the flow of suction air.

Most of the dust contained in the air has a particle diameter of 0.005mm to 0.05mm. Depending on the natural environment, road conditions (paved or unpaved), and the use of the vehicle (construction site, highway, etc.), the amount of dust per square meter of air is about 0.001 to 1g, which is very wide.

In the case of a vehicle with a fuel consumption ratio of 10l/100km, if 0.05g/m3 per 1m3 (1,000l) of air is contained, about 100m3 (about 100,000l) of air is required to burn 10l of fuel, so the amount of dust inhaled is about 5g. When this dust is mixed with the lubricant in the inner wall of the cylinder, it acts like an abrasive, especially promoting abrasion of the cylinder wall, piston, and valve guide. Therefore, the cleanliness of the intake air is one of the factors that have a decisive effect on the lifespan of the organ.

Dust or foreign substances introduced with inhaled air are separated from the filter by fine metal nets, filter paper, filter cloth, oil-soaked surface or centrifugal force, and only purified air is supplied to the cylinder. Filters that have passed the exchange or cleaning period not only increase the suction resistance of air, but also form a thick mixer, which reduces volume efficiency and consequently reduces the output of the engine.

② It reduces some of the strong noise during air intake.

The air filter, above all, requires a relatively large volume to achieve the noise reduction function. The experience value of the volume of the air filter is known to be 15-20 times the administrative volume of one cylinder in the case of four administrative agencies and to reduce noise by about 10-20 dB(A). Within this large volume, several types of filtration devices are installed with as large a surface area as possible and sufficient dust storage capacity (to extend the exchange time).

The air filter is designed from a hydrodynamic perspective according to the type of engine. Therefore, using an air filter that does not comply with the manufacturer's specifications has a bad effect on output and fuel consumption, especially in two administrative agencies.

Product features

1.Improved performance – clogged filters can have a significant, detrimental effect on how your engine runs, hampering performance and reducing power output leading to a lowering of operator work-rate

2.Lower emissions – because the air-fuel mix is finely calibrated, failing to maintain your filter will cause an imbalance and less efficient fuel use, contributing to greater emissions

3.Prolonged engine life – the air filter traps the dirt and other debris that can cause wear to your engine. The actual size of the debris might be quite small but even those as small as a grain of sand can significantly damage the engine over time, with the potential for damage to pistons, rings and cylinder linings

Product parameters



Place  of Origin:

Henan,  China

Brand  Name:


Life  span:

2000-  4000h




100%  Tested

D1  (mm)

592.0 mm

D2  (mm)

592.0 mm

H1  (mm)

292.0 mm

H2  (mm)

25.0 mm

Product application

1, Hydraulic Engineering Systems Industry;

2, Mining and Metallurgical Equipment Industry;

3, Construction, engineering machinery industry;

4, Machine Tool Industry;

5, Agricultural machinery industry;

6, Plastic machinery industry;

7, Petrochemical industry;

8, Ship and marine engineering equipment industry.

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