DDP300+ Compressed Air Filter

DDP300+ Compressed Air Filter

Replacement for Atlas Copco filter

Model Number: DDP300+  /PDP300+ /DDP360+  /PDP360+ 

Packaging : Neutral Carton or Coolworks Carton

Inner Material : Fiberpaper

Filtration Efficiency : 98.8%

Application Machine : Air Compressor

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Product Details

Our DDP300+  /PDP300+  /DDP360+   /PDP360+ Air Line filter replacement is your final line of defense protecting your compressor against oil mist and water in the air lines that may make it past your Air Compressor.

DD10+ PD10+ QD10+
DD20+ PD20+ QD20+
DD35+ PD35+ QD35+
DD50+ PD50+ QD50+
DD70+ PD70+ QD70+
DD130+ PD130+ QD130+
DD170+ PD170+ QD170+
DD210+ PD210+ QD210+
DD310+ PD310+ QD310+
DD425+ PD425+ QD425+
DD550+ PD550+ QD550+
Grade DD - General Purpose Protection Particle removal down to 1 micron including coalesced liquid water and oil, providing a maximum remaining oil aerosol content of 0.6 mg/m3 (<0.5 ppm) @ 21°C.
Grade PD - High Efficiency Oil Removal Filtration
Particle removal down to 0.01 micron including water and oil aerosols, providing a maximum remaining oil aerosol content of 0.01 mg/m3 (<0.01 ppm) @ 21°C. (Precede with Grade GP filter).
Grade QD - Activated Carbon Filtration
Oil vapour and hydrocarbon odour removal, giving a maximum remaining oil content of <0.003 mg/m3 (<0.003 ppm) (excluding methane) @ 21°C. (Precede Grade AC with Grade HE filter).
Grade DDp - General Purpose Dust Filtration
Dust particle removal down to 1 micron.

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